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Internet Connectivity

Fiber optic internet is the fastest form of broadband available today. With the equal upload and download speeds of up to 1 Gig Fiber + Internet, you can simultaneously run your company website and deliver business applications.

  • Equal upload and download speeds boost customer experiences
  • Allows for real-time data backup
  • Easy-to-manage, scalable bandwidth helps you deliver cloud applications
  • Cloud business software increases employee productivity
  • Industry-certified experts to keep your business running

How to select the right speed for your business:

  • DSL connections: Good for small businesses suitable for businesses in remote areas, as DSL uses existing infrastructure.
  • Fiber connections : Considerably higher upload speeds and are very reliable.
  • DIA – Dedicated Internet Access: Great for businesses which don’t want users outside of their network affecting their connectivity. These highgrade connections enable you to make use of a range of cloud services, up/ download data and handle voice services with ease.
  • Leased line Ethernet: Great for large businesses. These can reach high speeds, are completely private, scalable and can use all services available from other connection types.