Fiber optic is underutilized even though it is cutting edge technology. The level of performance the cloud offers depends on the quality of the internet connection. Companies should choose a trusted provider that offers fiber optic connectivity for its unlimited speed, superior performance, and security.

  • Disaster resistant cloud data center 

    Recent natural disasters were a true test of the reliability of fiber optic connectivity for cloud. Unlike copper wire, fiber optics can better withstand severe weather, temperature changes, high humidity, and extreme pressure. 

  • Keep cloud data safe and sound

    Data can be stolen or compromised while in transit between your business and the cloud. Unlike copper wire, hacking into a fiber optic network is next to impossible and requires specialized and expensive equipment. 

  • Benefits of cloud solutions

    • Unlimited data storage

    • Remote backups and disaster recovery

    • Security and data protection

    • Reduced IT costs

    • Easy and simple connectivity to applications

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